Saturday, March 7, 2009

The tragedy of unsolved crimes

Unsolved crimes are a disease in all communities, and there are so many in Idaho! The victim’s loved ones live day to day with a cloud of darkness in their hearts that can never go away — unless the crime is solved.

That darkness is also part of our communities. Every unsolved crime reflects flaws in the law enforcement community. It compels us to wonder if all procedures were followed, if all possible resources were used to search for the criminal or criminal. In Angie’s case, there were many failures, and there continue to be failures.

Ask yourself — what if your loved one was murdered and the case never solved?

As a journalist who has covered this case and a friend of Carol Dodge’s, I ask all who read this to never forget Angie, and to pray that her killer or killers are found.

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Billy VanSickle said...

I Live in Roseburg Oregon, my sister inlaw and her 88 yr old mother were murdered in a home invasion, the mother some how survived and lived three yrs after the crime. This case has never been solved it happened in 2009, I also believe the police did not do their job very well. A man went in their home in broad daylight and shot them, did not take anything, there were several witnesses, a description of the vehicle and they do not have a clue who did this.